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Hospitality Ventures International (HVI)

We are living in a world where hotel owners, investors, asset managers and operators struggle to balance the expectations of well travelled and discerning guests. It is truly a challenge, but this is what makes the hotel industry so dynamic.


Entering this industry however is not only about investing in the property. It is about managing the property, making it work, promoting it and generating business out of it. This is where Hospitality Ventures International (HVI), comes in and where we are gaining priceless experience and know how about this very interesting sector.


Based in Malta, strategically located within a reach of Europe and North Africa, Hospitality Ventures International focuses on the ever-growing boutique hotel and serviced apartments segment. Our business approach is purely flexible and tailor made to the clients’ requirements, where our typical clients are hotel investors, or existing hotel owners seeing to revamp their business. No project is too small or too large.


Our Services

The flexible and phased approach we adopt, makes our model ideal for any size of hospitality project.

Locally we have set up, managed and consulted a portfolio of no less than 10 properties. In many instances, the owners or investors have outsourced to the company select services ora full management scope, which would start of from concept stages, through to staffing, sales, marketing and finally operating the property. We are guided by our own feasibility studies and use as a benchmark for the performance of the business, where we focus on maximising the revenue streams and controlling the various cost centres within a hotel.

It is also a fact that some owners, would still prefer to keep more control on their investment rather than entirely outsourcing the hotel to 3rd party. We also can support such decisions with an adapted model of consultancy. We understand the business as we live the business. We always come up with win win arrangements that would not hurt the bottom line for the owners.


Preliminary Services

Conceptualisation ~ Business Modelling ~ Space Planning

Pre-planning is the basis of any successful project. At this early stage we would put together a power group of technical professionals on behalf of the owners, to lay the foundations of the project. Alternatively if these individuals are already in place, we would provide the necessary expertise on the hospitality side to ensure that all technical decisions are taken in the best interest of the owners, and by keeping in mind the operational phase. A wrong decision at such a stage can be the downfall of any project.

Pre-Opening Services

Once the preliminary phase is progressing and the development work is closing off, the fun part will commence and start building the engine of the project. We would take control of all these critical areas or just a selection, depending on the specific project. These areas are mainly:


  • Human Resource selection & training
  • Procurement
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Set up of Accounts System
  • Hotel technology systems
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Post-Opening Services

Owners in small to medium sized hospitality projects, tend to have varying approaches to how they wish to run their business. Here again, we adapt to their needs, and offer a modular service, that would not affect the bottom line. Services offered are the following:


  • Sales & Marketing representation
  • Operational and performance monitoring and audit
  • Cost control
  • Management solutions
  • Revenue Management
  • Integration of property within The Hotelogique Collection

For larger scale hotels and resorts projects, through an association with Hotel Solutions Partnerships, we have access to a group of international network of hospitality consultants, covering Europe, Middle east, Africa, Asia and the US, where we cover all aspects of the industry, mainly but not limited to:


  • Hotel and Resort Sales & Marketing
  • Operational support ( Pre and Post )
  • Management solutions
  • Acquisition and Development
  • Brand and Operator search

Revenue Management

Through a strategic 3rd party partnership we offer dynamic revenue management to hospitality projects, where we improve your hotel’s profitability and make sure you get the best result possible for your property, through an optimal pricing and distribution strategy.

The system aims at Increasing direct reservations, hotel exposure, reduce commission cost and take control efficiently of your online distribution and direct reservations channel (Direct Channel).

  • We provide a dedicated Revenue Analyst;
  • We handle and boost your Online Distribution – set up and maintenance of all sales channels though our hotel support;
  • Web Direct Channel set up and consulting – Hotel Website + Booking Engine + Geo-localization consulting and set up + Special offers set up and management.


Other ADD-ONS based on hotel needs:


  • Channel Manager connection solutions – third party or in house;
  • PMS connection solutions – third party or in house;
  • Online Marketing – PPCs / brand protection;


Since 2013 we have been involved in a number of projects where we offered a variety of consultancy and management services, depending on the specific owners’ requests.

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Reach Out

We strive towards delivering attractive financial returns with the latest concepts. We only undertake projects that we are sure will be successful, and strongly believe that the same business models will be correctly structured and in line with trends and movements of the markets and consumers.


Entering this industry however is not only about investing in the property. It is about managing well the asset, making it work, promoting it and generating business out of it. This is where we come in and where we are gaining priceless experience and know how about this very interesting sector. Our flexible approach is adapted to whatever the clients’ requirement is.

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